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In water damage cases time is of the essence. Do not hesitate call UCM Services Las Vegas immediately so we can help you get out of this mess fast and back to your normal life.

Water is important to every living organism. Without it humans would die. But too much water can be dangerous especially when it is found in your residential or commercial property. Natural disasters, mechanical failure and plumbing problems are all possible sources of water damage.

It may be surprising to learn that improper cleaning (particularly of carpets and upholstery) can also lead to water damage. Water damage in turn, can lead to health hazards such as mold and mildew and even loss of property due to warping and deterioration.

One of the biggest dangers in water damage is hidden moisture. Even after the last drop has been mopped and sopped up from floors and furniture. Even if the walls have been re-plastered and repainted. If any moisture remains trapped in foundations, inner walls, carpet pads, upholstery cushions or other areas. It will inevitably manifest again at a later date.

Best practices for water damage restoration are dependent on several issues including the type of water damage in question. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification put together a comprehensive set of practical standards for water damage restoration. Which can be found in the IICRC S500. Familiarity with IICRC S500 rules and principles is essential before starting any restoration job.

Water damage restoration Las Vegas experts use the document's water sanitation classifications to determine the possible the sanitation level of the cause of the flood. Such classification is the first step in identifying which water damage renovation steps must be taken. The three water classifications are:

  • Sanitary water (Class 1)
  • Dirty (grey) water (Class 2)
  • Unsanitary water (Class 3)

In addition to rating the sanitation level of the water. Water damage is also rated with regard to drying time. Whereas Class 1 Water Damage has the lowest evaporation rate. Damage is limited to a relatively small area and a minimum amount of moisture has been absorbed. Class 4 Water Damage indicates specials situations with high water saturation.

When facing water damage be sure to hire a professional outfit that has the experience and the required equipment to get the job done. The list of recommended equipment for remediation of water damage includes. But is not limited to: water extraction equipment preferably truck mounted for greater extraction power, air blowers and dryers, moisture indicators and wall driers. At Water Damage Restoration Las Vegas we also use a special Thermal imaging device to make sure we don't skip any wet points. Behind walls or in hidden places like basements and attics.

Taking this into consideration. There are still a few recommended steps that should be taken in all cases:

  1. Locate and neutralize/stop the source of water.
  2. Remove as much water and moisture as possible until we arrive.

Important: Class 2 and Class 3 water should be considered as health hazards and no further actions should be taken frivolously. And without the appropriate protective gear (gloves, face mask, etc.)

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