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Can't Remember When You Cleaned Your Ducts?

Many people hold the erroneous belief that air ducts are closed systems thus impervious to contamination due to dirt, dust and infiltration by other pollutants.

This however is not entirely true. Air ducts are the passageways through which air travels from a heating, ventilation or air conditioning system (HVAC) to interior spaces.

While some systems focus on one way air transport and delivery. Other systems are designed to extract as well as supply air. Poorly maintained ducts can lead to indoor air contamination and in worse case scenarios even fire.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct contamination comes in many forms. It can be an accumulation of dirt and dust, rodent hairs and droppings (sometimes even bodies, both dead and alive), pollen and/or mold and mildew. Each type of contamination comes with its own consequences and risks. There are sources for these contaminants:

  • Construction
  • Dirty HVAC system parts, such as air filters
  • Blockage
  • Neglect

How Does Our Service Work?

Air duct cleaning starts with a thorough inspection of all visible parts of the system. This is done to identify particular contaminants which may require special attention or special treatments. When necessary an inspection robot equipped with a camera can allow inspection of hidden areas as well. Robot/camera inspection may lead to the discovery of other issues such as loose or missing duct liners, holes in the duct work and more. After an inspection a cleaning plan will be drawn up.

Duct cleaning requires the use of specialized equipment that will allow the cleaning technician(s) to access the very depth of any system's duct work.

The tools not only grant access to hidden areas but are equipped with specialized brushes and vacuum nozzles for loosening and removing dirt, dust and debris. In addition most duct cleaners opt for HEPA approved vacuums especially when there is no way to exhaust the dust particles outside.

In addition to cleaning the internal workings of the system. Thorough duct cleaning sessions also entail washing or cleaning visible elements. Such as the air register grills, vents, and the coil pan and more. This is also the perfect time to change air filters.

Still Not Sure You Should Clean Your Ducts?

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