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With the wide variety of carpets available you'd think that carpet care is also varied. The truth is however when it comes to carpet cleaning in Vegas. Most of the same basic carpet cleaning principles apply to practically all types of carpets ruling out real delicate fabrics as oriental carpets and Persian rugs.

To really preserve your carpets remove dirt often and not only when its visible to your eyes. Your carpets have a lot of dirt in them unseen to the untrained eye. Ask our technician for ways to see and treat everyday common dirt.

All carpets will last longer, smell better and look better when you take care to remove dirt and dust as often as possible. These are the most frequently used dust/dirt removal options:

  1. Sweeping - Sweeping is a critical step that greatly improves the effectiveness of any vacuuming session. When sweeping a carpet, opt for a rubber comb-like broom (short bristles). This type of carpet brush will loosen dirt that might have already begun working its way down to the base of your carpet. It will also loosen hair or fur, which easily becomes entangled with carpet fibers. In the case of short pile carpets sweeping can be alternated with vacuuming (sweep one week, vacuum one week).
  2. Vacuuming - Vacuuming should be carried out at least once a week even more if there are pets in the house. If you leave your windows open for extended periods of time. Vacuuming effectively removes surface dirt and dust and gives the carpets a fresh look and feel.

Tips for Vacuuming:

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before you vacuum to remove common odors.
  • Check vacuum filters/filtration bags often and empty when half full. Clogged vacuum filters or overfilled bags will cause your vacuum to work harder and less efficiently. They can also cause the engine to overheat and ignite.
  • Move furniture in order to access all carpet surfaces.
  • Pay special attention to areas close to walls as these areas attract a significantly higher amount of dirt.
  • You should vacuum your carpets on both sides as the base of your carpet also accumulates a lot of dust and dirt.

These methods are essential for your carpets long lasting life and should be done regularly but will not replace professional carpet cleaning which should be done even if there is no visible dirt on your carpet. If you own pets or small children you should use professional carpet cleaning more often as the fur your pet sheds on the carpet is not always visible.

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