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Is Your rug all muddy and filled with stains?

Don't just give it a regular vacuuming or roll it up and store it in your garage.

Call UCM Services for a professional rug cleaning. We pickup and deliver your rug for free and clean it thoroughly. Your rug will be returned to you rolled up and sealed in brand new condition. Ready to be stored or spread it in your beautiful living room.

How Do We Do It?

The goal of all rug cleaning tasks is to remove dirt, dust and other common reminders of daily life. This can be achieved through:

  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming
  • Flipping

Sweeping rugs with a rubber broom is the best way to release and remove fur and hair. Which are notorious for becoming entangled in rug fibers. It also loosens dirt and dust that may have sunk below the surface of the rug. This leads to more successful vacuuming sessions.

Rugs should be vacuumed weekly - or twice a week in areas of heavy use or when pets and children are present. Vacuum upkeep will greatly affect the machine's performance - clogged filters and over-filled dust collection receptacles or bags are the main causes of poor suction power. They have also been associated with other vacuum malfunctions and fire.

Flipping refers to the practice of turning a carpet upside down so that it can be vacuumed from the underside. This, of course can only be done when size permits. Some rug owners will leave a rug flipped for a few days.Reasoning that dirt and dust will be forced out of the base of the rug each time someone walks on it.

Rug Cleaning Process

In addition to regular maintenance. Area rugs and runners as well as rugs installed in heavy traffic areas will need to be washed every two years if not more frequently. Rugs installed under furniture and in low traffic areas will need less frequent washing.

It is sometimes possible to launder a rug such as those used in bathrooms or small foot/area rugs. In such cases take care to read all tags and manufacturer instructions regarding water temperature and drying practices.

When laundering is not an option there are three methods that have been traditionally used for cleaning rugs:

  1. Wet/Dry Shampooing
  2. Dry cleaning
  3. Steam cleaning

Of the three methods mentioned above. The most popular method is steam cleaning. This method does not require the use of harsh detergents or toxic chemicals. So it is completely safe to use indoors. In addition it is highly effective in removing embedded dirt stains and odors. Though steam cleaning requires the use of special equipment. the equipment is readily available for purchase or rent. Making this method appropriate as a do-it-yourself project. Professional steam cleaning however utilizes much more powerful machines and delivers noticeably improved results.

Still hesitating?

Rug cleaning is not a costly matter and the result will make your life much better. You would be able to breath better in your home and also be proud your beautiful area rug which is a perfect supplement for every room

Call our office today and schedule a free pickup. You do not need to do anything more then that just pick up the phone and our office will do the rest.

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