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Steam Cleaning Upholstery - Professional Upholstery cleaning

What you should expect from our great professional upholstery cleaning service:

  • Pre vacuum - We first thoroughly pre-vacuum your furniture remove any dust or hair upon it.
  • Precondition - In this process w spray a soil emulsifier to break the soils and oils off the fabric.
  • Brush the upholstery - we use a soft brush to rub the fabric so the spray will reach even the toughest areas.
  • Steam Cleaning - Now we use our special steam cleaner which thoroughly washes the fibers while extracting the water and soils leaving your upholstery a little damp. This is a very delicate process which if don't by unprofessional hands can ruin your upholstery.
  • Some velvet fabrics require brushing to set the nap and remove the wand marks.
  • Speed dry - A special huge air ventilator us used to drive out powerful air gusts which will speed dry your upholstery in a few hours.

That's it! You're sofa looks brand new and smelling fresh.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Service is absolutely sure we can attend to any carpet and upholstery cleaning demand you might have. Our experts will answer any of the questions you might have during our visit and after it.

We will be happy to provide a free demonstration of our Cleaning Process on a spot of your upholstery to see just how great our methods are.

If by any chance you are not well satisfied with our service or any other problem had occurred during our visit to your residence please let us know either on this phone 702-979-3510 or fill out this form.

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