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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Major carpet manufactures and fiber producers are now widely recommending Professional Carpet Cleaning every 2-3 years with certain cleaning methods and products according to the fabric type.

This course of action is due because of the manufactures interest to keep your carpets looking good and smelling fresh for years. And the realization that vacuuming and dusting is just not enough and that most home cleaning products are just not good enough and in some cases harm and damage your carpets.

Carpet manufactures recommend hot water extrication or carpet steam cleaning as the most effective methods in the industry today. These methods preformed by a highly trained technician can lead to great results and keep your carpets looking great for years to come. Don't be fooled by carpet cleaners that presume to use no moisture processes or only dry materials as these cleaning methods usually to not tend to odor problems and may ruin your carpets base and fringes.

An important though often ignored element of preventative carpet care is professional cleaning.

During this process dirt and debris are removed from the depths of the carpet right down to its base. When you stop to consider that each step you take pushes surface dirt down to the base of the carpet you realize that overtime this can lead to the accumulation of a significant amount of dirt.

Add to that other common home contaminants such as pet dander, crumbs, sloughed skin cells, dust mites and more and you've got a carpet pollution that can't be overlooked.

When professionals wash your carpet they use a highly effective technique called water extraction (or steam cleaning) to release and flush out all carpet debris. An added benefit of this type of cleaning is sanitizing and deodorizing.

Take good care of your carpets and they can continue to service you for decades.

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