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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Fine oriental rugs can make your living room come alive. these rugs are unique and costly but truly worth the price. But what do you do when you accidentally spill a glass of wine on them?

Our experts have seen a lot of oriental rugs in the many years of experience they have and will get your precious rug clean and beautiful in a short time. And in a reasonable price.

The way we determine which method to use to clean the rug is primarily due to how the rug was made. If it is a hand knotted rug the wool is tight around the foundation of the rug. This type of rug can be cleaned with an immersion method on which we will expand later in our articles section. The other kind of rug is a tufted rug which means the rug fibers are tufted into a backing materiel and glued together. These rugs usually we clean with an improved surface cleaning method.

When we get a rug into our rug cleaning facility we first inspect it and measure it for any fixes or restoration it might have gone trough in the past. Then we check for how well does the dye of the rug react to water. And will it damage the colors. All this will give us a all the information needed o help our client reach the best decision on how to treat it.

The next step is to do a rug dusting. This gets all the soil out of the rug. It's done with a special duster and we turn the rug on his back side and start the dusting.

Now we get the rug wet and start working on the fringes of it working hard on them with a brush really cleaning them to the bone. Then we start bonnet cleaning with a special shampoo and a soft pad. This procedure is the most important part and can harm your rug if not done properly. Do not do this alone as you need a professional with a good amount of experience.

Rinsing your carpet with a lot of water is our next step. As we use a mop with a high pressure hose attached to it to get all of the shampoo out. If we detect any foul odor in the cleaning process such as pet urine and so on. We will soak the whole rug in a special solution treatment made out of: water, vinegar and enzymes for 4-6 hours.

The final step of the process is an extraction. We use a high power extraction machine which we use to extract all the moisture.

Then the rug is kept in a hanging position to dry it quickly. We inspect the rug thoroughly to see any damages and then groom it this way all the wool fibers will be aligned in the same direction, now we roll up your rug and deliver it to your home.

Our methods work. And we have the ability to meet your every rug, carpet or upholstery needs. Call Rug Cleaning Las Vegas today for a free estimate on your rugs!

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