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Indoor Air Quality - IAQ

Indoor Air Quality or IAQ has become a concern over the last year many Americans share. There is a big interest now days in the importance of knowing what goes on in the micro atmosphere in our living room. Researches from universities all across the country has shown that reducing particles from our breathing space significantly reduces the amount of dangerous pathogens we inhale contributing to a safer, cleaner breathing environment.

Some of these contaminates that tend to plague our residential and commercial indoor air quality are:

Smoke, dust, mold spores, bacteria, dead skin cells, pet dander and pollen these particles are not always visual for the human eye. In most case they just get stuck and pile up in your air ducts. they also interrupt the air from moving freely and tend to clog to the filter.

Imagine how polluted your indoor air environment is if you never cleaned your air ducts or it wasn't done properly for a long time. You could be suffering from symptoms that are evolving from indoor air pollution like face rash and migraines.

We have special cameras to inspect just how much is your air polluted and the amount of particles in the air ducts. We use the best air duct cleaning machines on the market. We insert a rotary brush with a powerful air pressure hose attached to it. The brush comes in all sizes and fits any air duct size you might have. The brush is a powerful cleaner but gentle and will not harm your ducts we connect a powerful vacuum to the brush to suck out all the dust and debris from your air ducts. This unique cleaning method leaves your home air system clean and fresh for a better breathing experience.

For more information about Indoor Air Quality and Air Duct Cleaning please call Air Duct Cleaning Vegas at 702-979-3510. We have various ways to professionally improve your air quality at fair reasonable prices.

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