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Dry Carpet Cleaning

The Dry Carpet Cleaning system is a process in which we use very low moisture products.

Or even in some cases we use compounds with no moisture at all depending on our client's requirements. Dry carpet cleaning is a method best used for when your carpets need a quick intervention as you don't need to wait for the carpet to dry. The results are immediately shown. Very good if you have guests coming over or when the carpet is stationed in a place where it attracts a lot of traffic and cannot be removed for cleaning.

So how does it work?

The compound is made out of polymers which attract and crystallize soil particles. This process is also known as encapsulation. We spray this substance on your carpet and in some cases according to the shape the carpet is in. We may use rotary machines to deep clean your carpet. After this is done in within minutes we will vacuum your carpet with powerful vacuums and the result is beautiful and done in a short time without the need for drying.

For the best prices and carpet cleaning offers you should pick up the phone and just call UCM Services Las Vegas on this number 702-979-3510.

Our telephone operator is capable in offering prices we cannot revel on the website. And also other great offers that we might have close to your residence.

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